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Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Wheel Alignment and Balancing Service in Dubai

Looking for wheel alignment service in Dubai? Get your alignment done right! Book your appointment at superior performance now, and get the best wheel alignment and balancing service in Dubai.

Wheel alignment and balancing not only extends the service life of tyres but also improves the overall performance of the car and is compulsory for a smooth, and fuel-efficient ride. Alignment and balancing are two different aspects of automobile service.


Wheel Balancing Service Dubai

Wheel Alignment includes adjusting the angles of the wheels, so they become perpendicular to the road and perfectly parallel to each other. Causes of misalignment are sudden shaking or jerk while driving, worn parts of the suspension, and modification in suspension. At the Superior Performance get the wheel alignment service in Dubai at a very reasonable price

Signs of misaligned wheels-

  • Drifting of the car to one side while driving

  • Vibration in the steering wheel, and hard steering

  • Abnormal or uneven wear of tyres

Three types of angles are corrected in wheel alignment i.e., Camber, Caster, and Toe. Camber is the angle of wheel when viewed from the front of the car, the toe is the direction the tyres point, and caster is the angle of the steering pivot as seen from the side of the car.

Problems caused by misalignment are-

Misalignment can seriously affect the tyre’s performance, and can even put lives at risk because the uneven tyre may blow out any time. It’s not only about the tyres, but in the long term, it also affects the suspension and decreases the fuel-efficiency. Regular wheel alignment can increase your tyre life by up to 20%.

How can wheel alignment be fixed?

In order to get the proper alignment, you must take your car to an experienced mechanic who offers wheel alignment service in Dubai and have a proper wheel alignment machine or setup.


Wheel Balancing includes the addition of wheel weights to counterbalance heavy spots. The wheel becomes unbalanced when one part becomes heavier than the other parts. The reasons for the unbalanced wheel are many- like blemishes in rubber and damage to a tyre, inappropriate tyre inflation, and loss of wheel weight. If you experience wobbling on the unadorned road then come at Superior Performance and get the complete wheel balancing service in Dubai.

Symptoms of imbalance wheel are- 

  • Wheel gets out of balance and causes vibration in the steering wheel
  • Wobbling or jumping on the road
  • Cupped wear patterns on the tyres
  • Traction loss

Wheel balancing are of two types static and dynamic. In static, the object is stationary and is performed before the computer balancing.  Static imbalance can cause tyre wear and wear of mechanical components. The dynamic imbalance is only noticeable when the wheel rotates and is caused when the tyre has more weight on the outside or inside of its tread. Improper balancing and alignment not only affect the tyres but it also affects the engine suspension sytem, and decreases fuel efficiency.

In order to get the proper balancing, you must take your car to an experienced mechanic who offers wheel balancing service in Dubai and have a proper balancing machine or setup.