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Car Maintenance in Dubai

Car Maintenance in Dubai

“Boost your car performance with Superior Performance” 

Are you fed up with low the performance of your car? Do you want to boost up your car performance? Car tuning is the best option for you. Visit Superior Performance, the best car service center in Dubai and get the best and genuine tuning services for your vehicle. We offer innumerable tuning options, from the general car tuning to the complete engine rebuild.

Basically, car tuning Dubai is done to enhance the performance of your car. A car tuning is done properly not only improves your car performance but also augment the efficiency, comfort, safety, and the life of your car. Many people don’t have proper knowledge about tuning like which tuning option is best for their car and sometimes end up with getting the wrong services. 

What was wrong with the BMW?

Last week a customer arrived in our garage with his BMW 520 Di series. He was experiencing a sudden car shut off while driving and the car was consuming copious fuel. Our mechanic runs a specialized diagnostic and found that the car was erroneously tuned and unnecessary changes are made in its ECU which ultimately results in sudden shut-off and copious fuel consumption. So, it is very essential to handover your car to a specialized and trained technician. 

At Superior Performance, we guide our customers and recommend the tuning or changes that are essential. Along with car tuning services we also offer general and complete car maintenance in Dubai. Many of our customers have praised us as the best car service center in Dubai. Customer’s feedback works as a motivation source and helps us to give our best. 

Our car tuning process: A simple car tuning can take many forms of advancement in suspension, brakes, body, and engine. Our tuning services are divided into three broad categories. Functional tuning, Performance tuning, and Visual tuning.

(1) Performance tuning-The changes are made to improve the engine output. It includes improving the power of engine fuel efficiency, suspensions, tires, etc. Performance tuning includes-

  • Transmission tuning- Optimizing the gearbox for the best and fuel-efficient performance of the car. It includes short shifter installation, the short shifter minimizes the distance before having to change gears. Get the best transmission tuning at the best car service center in Dubai.
  • Turbocharger- It helps in increasing the overall performance of the car by improving torque delivery and ultimate power. Basically, turbocharger increases the air input to the engine. In the case of supercars, the supercharger is used.
  • ECU Reprogramming- ECU monitors all the major and minor functions of the car. It monitors and controls various aspects like air-fuel mixture, ABS, exhaust gas, etc. Unleashing ECU programming can increase the performance and full potential of the car.
  • Brakes Tuning- They are the most vital feature. Sometimes the components of brakes like master cylinder, brake shoe, brake disc are tuned for better braking performance.
  • Exhaust Tuning- It is the most famous type of tuning. Some general exhaust tuning includes installation of catalytic convertor, muffler change, air filter change, and sometimes just altering the exhaust sound of the car.
  • Intercooler Installation- It not only enhances the performance but it also helps the engine with cooling. An intercooler is the best option for the long journey.

(2) Visual Tuning- Basically it is done to improve the appearance of the vehicle from inside and outside. It includes dedicated body kit installation, spoiler installation, car wrapping, paint change, etc.

  • Paint job- At the superior performance, we offer all kinds of paint jobs from single-stage enamel to complete matte finish. Interior and exterior both paint jobs are available.
  • Body kits- It includes the installation of extra body panels to improve the stability and aerodynamics of the car. Wheel fenders, side skirts, customized grilles, spoilers, and the front hood comes under the body kit tuning.
  • Car wrapping- Nowadays car wrapping is very popular. Be it is a full car wrap or just some small highlighting, more and more people are leaning towards car wrap instead of the paint job. The main reasons why people are giving preference to car wrap over the paint job because it is easy to install, less time consuming, easy to replace, and you can choose a variety of colors.
  • Lights- A better headlamps not only improves the car appearance but it also improves visibility at night. With tuning services and car maintenance in Dubai, we also provide headlight restoration services in Dubai. So, if you are fond of Neon lights, projector lamps, interior, and exterior lightning then do visit Superior Performance.

3. Functional tuning- Embedding addition features to the car includes sunroof installation, GPS tracker, a navigation system, hand controls, and parking sensors falls under this category. Some car companies offer these features and some not. Is your car lacking new features? Visit the best car service center in Dubai, at Superior Performance we offer all types of functional tuning and car repair service in Dubai.

  • Parking sensors- Parking sensors with the rearview camera becomes very essential these days. When the driver is parking a car, the parking sensors help the driver by guiding about obstacles behind the car. Thus it can be considered as a safety feature that should be installed in all cars.
  • Navigation system- Installation of the satellite navigation system becomes very important these days. It provides a chunk of important features like traffic conditions, finds the best and shortest route to your destination and thus saves time from traffic jams. So, if you don’t have a Satellite navigation system, get it installed by trained technicians at Superior Performance.