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Car Engine Repair Services

Car Engine Repair Services in Dubai

Is engine not sounding right? Contact us now!

An engine is the major yet complicated part of a car. It becomes very important to keep it in good condition, but anyhow if your engine develops some issues then feel free to contact us.

We offer multiple engine services- major/minor tune-up, fuel framework testing, engine rebuild, faulty timing belt.

The engine is the heart of your car so it is very essential to keep it in good condition and well-maintained. Car maintenance not only improves performance but also ensures your safety. An engine is also the most expensive car component to repair or replace.

Some common symptoms that may denote the engine trouble are-.

  • Check Engine Light

  • Poor Erratic Performance

  • Won’t Start

  • Stalls

  • Oil Leaks

  • Dense black smoke from the exhaust


At Superior Performance Dubai, we have many years of experienced and certified professionals with a proven track record of car maintenance and servicing. We are well-versed with all aspects of car engine repair and can undertake detailed diagnosis and analysis. Then repair or replace damaged parts to get your car back on the road at a competitive price.

Our engine repair service in Dubai includes full computer diagnostics, analysis, repairs, and replacement of parts of cars. With years of experience, our expert mechanics and technicians can figure out the exact nature of the problem, then provide a solution, whether that be a new part, an adjustment, or otherwise. We have a good experience of many years with many types of cars and brands and can diagnose and fix a whole multitude of problems.

The best and cost-effective way to guarantee a long life for your car is to ensure periodic servicing, which includes inspection, oil change, spark plug change, and more. But sometimes car engine faults are inevitable, especially if a car is used on a regular interval. Since repairing an engine is more cost-effective than buying a new car, if you hear engine noises or knocks, we recommend a diagnostics check as soon as possible.