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Electrical Diagnostic

Electrical Diagnostic in Dubai


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The electrical system is the most complicated network that requires specialized diagnostic equipment for complete servicing. It is very crucial for a technician to accurately diagnose the problem, analyze the data from the vehicle and identify the cause of the electrical problem. At superior performance get your electrical diagnostic in Dubai done by trained and certified technicians. We offer a wide-ranging inspection and electrical services from general battery inspection to complete electrical components replacement.
The electrical diagnosis of supercars is a very complex, challenging task, and requires much more experience and specialized equipment. Here at superior performance, you will have peace of mind that your car is given the tender loving care it deserves. We have trained technicians who have an experience of 7 years in the field of servicing and repairing of supercars.

Why assessment of auto electrical system is important?

The modern cars come up with new and great features, from seats to engine sensors are embedded everywhere. You should not ignore a normal warning light on your car dashboard as in future it can cost you more money and can head-on more expensive repairs.
The electrical system is essential to a vehicle’s operation and gives power to extensive parts including- starter, alternator, and battery and so on. The electrical system of cars may vary according to makes and models. Each car’s electrical system has its own discrepancies based on its age and model.
Oftentimes many technicians get failed to identify the problems due to lack of technology. As the diagnostic of supercars requires the use of advanced technology and experienced technicians. Visiting Superior Performance is the right choice as the technicians are highly experienced and are equipped with the latest technology.

The common car electrical problems-

1. Faulty starter- If the starter gets dead your car’s engine won’t start. A faulty starter may not crank the engine or may do slowly.
The battery will not charge- If your battery no longer holds a charge, it will need to be replaced.

2. Bad Alternator- Alternator is an electrical component that charges the battery, a faulty alternator could also prevent the battery from recharging. Get your alternator checked if the car begins to lose electrical function.

3. Faulty battery cables- A corroded battery cables may be the reason or loose battery cables, if your car suddenly loses electrical power then a loose cable may be the reason.

4. Bad ignition switch An ignition switch activates the electrical system if it gets failed the car will not start, and it also drains the battery.

5. Dead battery- It is the most common electrical issue. The average battery lasts between three to five years, so get your battery replacement after four years to be on the safe side.

6. Blown electrical fuses- Fuses are designed to protect electrical circuits if a fuse gets blown which means the wiring or electrical device is carrying excessive current. A blown fuse is a quick and easy fix.

7. Faulty spark plugs- The signs of faulty spark plugs are lurching or rough idling.

Diagnosing Car Electrical Problems & Car Electrical Repairs

At Superior Performance, we run a specialized diagnostic on your vehicle’s electrical system to determine the cause for malfunction and complete the necessary repair so that you get a smooth driving experience.

If you are experiencing any electrical trouble in your car and need auto electric repair in Dubai, our staff is dedicated & well trained in keeping our customers fully satisfied. Give us a call to request an appointment for car repair in Dubai today!

At Superior Performance, we provide top class Car Paint Services, car ac service & Electrical Diagnostic in Dubai.