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Brake services in Dubai

Observed issues while braking? Does car vibrate during the gradual stop? A difference in braking performance? Get a brake check immediately. At Superior Performance, get a fast and reliable assessment for brakes system for all types of makes and models.

Brake servicing is enormously important, as they are one of the most important safety features in your car.

The brake pads have a life span and are designed to wear out. The pads of brake rub on the brake disc to slow down or to stop the car. A well-maintained brake can avoid a potential tragedy.

Why brake assessment is essential?

  • To get commendations and options on the best parts for your car
  • To get an idea of the work ahead and parts needed
  • To get an estimate of what the necessary work will cost based on the individual problems of your brakes

Your car usually gives some indications that your brakes service is due. Sometimes they’re innocuous noises that don’t require repair and can be fixed easily but sometimes it is not.

Generally, the issues with braking system is solved by replacing the brake pads but if the problem persists then chances are there is an underlying problem within the braking system that needs to be resolved.

If you notice below symptoms, get the service done immediately –

Metallic squeal noise

If you noticed a high-pitched noise that stops while you applied brakes, probably this sign is an indication of brake pad wear. Since the brake pads are made of steel and make the sound when encounters rotor.

Soft brake pedal

If the brake pads become too much softer and descend all the way to the floor when you applied brake- it’s an indication of immediate service. The reason for softer brake pedal is problems with the master cylinder or there could be moisture or air in the braking system.

Brake light on

When the brake indicators light on your dashboard is turned on, this means there is a fault in your brake system that needs inspection.

Fluid leakage

The excessively soft brake pedal can be a sign of fluid leakage in the master cylinder. Master cylinder has a reservoir that contains brake oil and is the unit that creates power for your brakes. If you experience a soft brake pedal, have your mechanic to look for fluid leakage in the master cylinder or somewhere else in the brake system.

Burning smell while driving

A strident chemical smell after repeated hard braking is a sign of overheated brakes. You should immediately stop the car in a safe place and allow the brakes to cool down. If you notice any smoke from the wheel, chances are your calliper may get stuck, in such conditions, it is very unsafe to drive without repair.

Grinding sound

Grinding sound while braking indicates several problems in the brake system. Chances are there may be a rock particle got stuck in the calliper and can be removed easily. Other reasons wore brake pads and lack of lubrication in the car with rear drum brakes. If you notice these signs, contact us immediately to head off more expensive problems.

Long retardation

Your car takes longer distances to stop than it used to do. Oftentimes this problem occurs when the dust particles got stuck in the brake pads or brake drum.

At superior performance get your car scrutinized by trained and certified technicians. We offer comprehensive brake service that includes complete 23-point inspection. A service that includes general brake inspection to complete repair and replacement of brake components.