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Car Repair In Al Quoz

Superior Performance provides general car repair services in Dubai for all major car brands. We are equipped with the latest tools and technology and offer the best car repair in al quoz. We provide all types of mechanical & electrical services for your car and perform basic as well as complex car repairs.

The staffs at Superior Performance are trained technicians and have vast knowledge and experience in car repair for all major brands. Different car brands is not a big issue for us, as many of our employees have worked in colossal brands like Toyota, Ferrari, BMW, Audi, thus ensuring quality and genuineness. 

Visiting a new car repair center in Dubai may be a challenging task, as many car mechanics may embed extra charges or will charge extra amount for small repairs, but here at Superior Performance we are like family, you don’t have to worry about hidden or additional charges because we focus on cost-effective quality car repair in al quoz. We provide honest advice and will not force you for any extra repairs if not necessary. 

Superior Performance offers a full range of car services like detailed computer diagnostic, brake replacement, paint services, car engine repairs, gearbox, and suspension repair, car detailing, interior cleaning and detailing, and it all comes with a guarantee. We are specialized and have complete knowledge of European cars, German, American, and Japanese makes and models. 

The team of Superior Performance knows the importance of a working, and safe vehicle hence provides the quality car repair in Dubai.

Car Repair in Dubai

Engine Repair- From general engine diagnostics to complete engine rebuild, we offer comprehensive car repair in Dubai, aimed to get your vehicle running the way it should. At the superior performance, we run a profound computerized engine diagnostic to identify any additional fault, thus offer the best engine repair service. 

We offer both engine rebuilding and engine replacement. Sometimes replacing the complete engine is not a good and affordable option, and it is more economical to rebuild an engine. 

Engine replacement is considered when the cost of repairing is so expensive that you can get a new engine. If you are looking for the best car repair center in Dubai or a qualified team to rebuild your engine, turn to superior performance, and get the best deal. 


AC services- Faulty car AC? You get your car AC serviced, and soon it becomes ineffective? This problem can be resolved simply by AC recharge, but if the problem persists, the issues may be- gas leakage, faulty compressor, leakage in the condenser, and evaporator. At superior performance we offer all types of service from general AC recharge to complete AC repair. 


Electrical maintenance and repair- Newer vehicles come up with great features like automatic headlamps, panoramic sunroof, rain-sensing wipers, etc. From seats to engine, sensors are embedded in every component. Modern vehicles have around 50 different microprocessors included an ECM (Engine Control Module). 

ECM is the main electrical components and performs essential functions like, regulates the engine performance, regulates the air-fuel mixture, optimize braking effort, and many more. If the problem of your car isn’t solved by repairing the mechanical component, then chances are there is an underlying electrical issue that needs to be checked. 


Suspension and steering repair- Suspension systems are designed to provide comfort against bumps in the road; it is the system that separates the car from the uneven and the hazards present on the road. 

The steering system is designed to provide comfort when the driver steers the car. The common problem associated with the steering is pulling one way or another, too much effort in turning the steering. 

If your vehicle doesn’t seem to ride like it used to, then bring it to the best car repair center in Dubai today to ensure a small problem doesn’t grow. At the superior performance, we have a dedicated technicians department that diagnoses and repair the suspension and steering problems. 


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At Superior Performance Garage, our priority is customer safety, satisfaction, and royalty, hence we strive to offer complete peace of mind when it comes to your Lexus- Toyota service and repair needs. The service and support team at Superior Performance Garage is highly trained and qualified, we ensure manufacturers standards of workmanship and quality. We are in for the long haul and believe in building a relationship that lasts.

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– Excessive poor car wash – Weather conditions, such as parking under the sun – Harmful UV rays – Bird droppings – Parking under tree, tree sap – Liquid droppings that are acidic usually from underground parkings
1. It doesn’t protect from door dings and won't be bulletproof, yes your car is not a tank. 2. You will still need to wash your car. 3. The poor car wash will deteriorate it in less time
You should use a manual car wash as it is less harmful to your paint. There is more care given to your car especially the paint with a manual car wash, thus the large rotating bristles on an automatic can easily harm your paint with scratches and swirl marks.